PayPal Partner Programme Membership Benefits

Members of the PayPal Partner Programme will enjoy several exclusive benefits, including:

Marketing Benefits Platinum Gold Member
Marketing opportunities for you or your merchants through PayPal's B2C offers X    
PayPal dedicated account manager X    
Marketing opportunities for you through PayPal's B2B newsletter X X  
Invitation to PayPal's partner events X X  
Free listing on the Merchant Resource Center X X X
Dedicated integration and technical support X X X
Customisable PayPal advertising banners X X X
Access to PayPal success stories for merchants X X X
Integrated PayPal landing page templates X X X
Access to PayPal product demonstrations X X X
Access to industry-specific webinars X X X
Ready-to-use PayPal email marketing templates X X X

Financial Benefits definitions and requirements:

Minimum net total payment volume (nTPV) in previous year to qualify for the Base rate Platinum Gold
$1,500,000 USD $300,000 USD
  • nTPV: Referred merchants' total sales volume made through the Express Checkout API or Website Payments Standard HTTP form post that is Recognised by your unique BN tracking codes(s) minus any chargebacks, refunds and reversals.
  • Base rate: Revenue share on referred merchants' nTPV – paid quarterly
  • Incentive rate: Additional revenue share based on actual growth rate exceeding target for the year – paid annually
  • Referred merchant: A merchant that uses a PayPal service (such as Express Checkout or Website Payments Standard) through the partner solution for the first time or starts transacting through the partner solution again after being inactive for at least 12 months. The partner solution is required to have a unique Partner Button Source Code (BN code) integrated to recognise referred merchants' transactions.

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