Complete Payment Solutions

A complete, customisable solution.

Give merchants an Internet Merchant Account and a payment gateway, and you the freedom to customise how shoppers pay and check out.

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Complete payment benefits for partners.

Complete Payment Solutions use PayPal to accept and process credit cards and PayPal payments, providing a faster, easier way for merchants to get paid online, in person, or by invoice.

PayPal Payments Standard

Accepts credit, debit and PayPal payments quickly an securely. At checkout, redirects to PayPal to complete payment and simplify PCI compliance. Accommodates extremely easy set up, minimal integration, and cut and paste code.

PayPal Payments Pro

In addition to all the Advanced features, accommodates a customized consumer checkout experience with a direct payment API. You control layout, brand colors, language and page sequence. Adds Virtual Terminal for payments via phone, fax and email. Requires increased developer integration.

PayPal Complete Payment Solutions:

  • Connect the leading payment processing providers with all major online shopping cart solutions.
  • Support all payment types including PayPal Express Checkout, giving your merchants access to over 130 million consumers worldwide.
  • Accommodate a range of customization for your merchants with full integration support for you, including an SDK, sandbox testing environment, training videos and more.
  • Include many free features: Online Payments, PayPal Here for in-person payments, PayPal Invoicing for email payments, PayPal Debit MasterCard (U.S. only) and Mobile Optimised Checkout for shoppers who pay with their smartphone.