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There are benefits, requirements and qualifications associated with each partner track and participation level.


  Gold Member
Relationship & Communication Benefits
Assigned Partner Manager Assigned Partner Manager Programme
Partner Newsletters Yes Yes
Partner Webinars Unlimited Attendees Unlimited Attendees
PayPal Partner Portal Access Yes Yes
Annual Partner Event As Available Discretionary
Technical Benefits
Beta Programme Participation for New Product Releases First Preference As Available
Partner Technical Training Yes Yes
Integration Support Yes Yes
Toll-free & Email Technical Support Yes Yes
Product Update Notifications Yes Yes
Integration Review plus Joint Technology Reviews Yes
Marketing Benefits
Partner Directory Listing Expanded Yes
Opportunity for participation in Portfolio Marketing Programmme As Available No
Product Marketing Toolkits (sell sheets, landing page content, email content, copy blocks and more) Yes Yes
Best Practices Guides Yes Yes
PayPal Partner Logo Yes Yes
Access to the PayPal Business Center Yes Yes
Sales Benefits
Partner Sales Training Yes Yes
Joint Account Planning As Available No


  Gold Member
Solutions Partners Learn more Invitation only.
Integrate at least two PayPal Products.
Integrate a BN code.
Open enrollment.
Integrate at least one PayPal Product.
Integrate a BN code.
Agency and Development Partners Learn more Invitation only Open enrollment for relevant Partners.

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